“Those who can't teach, consult.”

The priority, in order to choose submitted projects, are specified in the following bullet points from interested to not at all:

Ideal project duration is 3 months, which can be extended to at most 6 months. Smaller projects could also be relevant if they comply with the priority list described above.

Please don’t hesitate to send a project proposal to the following e-mail address: mail ++ consulting ++ project >>= spisemisu . com and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Note: Previous technologies I have worked with, I will still be able to provide: advice, guidance, training and help but to a lesser extent as I don’t focus so much on these technologies anymore.

Upgrade OIOIDWS.NET 3.0


Here is the list of tasks associated with this project, sorted in the order that Agency for Digitisation had prioritized:


The project was delivered on agreed time, cost and quality.