Stay Pure, Isolating Side-Effects, while Making Illegal States, Unrepresentable.”

# Research & Development

This company was founded to provide the possibility to make software that comply with the Directive 95/46/EC, also known as General Data Protection Regulation or just EU GDPR, by technical means.

The main goals are:

  1. Ensure that the fundamental rights of EU citizens, which are strengthen by the EU GDPR concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data, are being enforced in software applications by technical means.

  2. Help institutions, both public and private, to develop applications that comply with the Regulation by technical measures and thus meet goal number 1.

  3. Provide tools to the Authorities, among others the EU Data Protection Agencies, to corroborate that the created applications, see goal number 2, comply with the Regulation from a technical point-of-view.

Other research projects can be seen as well in the R+D tab.

# Services

While the concept of uniprocess is still in basic research, the company provides training and consulting services within various topics. For more information, please look into the training and consulting tabs.

Note: Since SPISE MISU ApS is based in Denmark, more specifically in Copenhagen, this will result in that the time rates for teaching and consulting, will follow the Danish market prices for highly educated employees.

# Testimonials

«Evaluation: The customer has given you a super feedback, and you have received 5 x 5 (top score), and they will at any time want to hire you again.»

Jes Dam, Sales Manager at ChangeGroup ApS.

«I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to work with Ramón, not just for his advanced technical skills but also for his values of honesty, directness and pragmatism which have been appreciated by me and all contributors involved in the projects. I give Ramón my fullest recommendation and best wishes for the future.»

Alberto La Mantia, Manager Engineering & QA at Digital Hub - Pandora Group.

«Hi Ramón. I just think you deserve a little extra comment along the way. Thank you very much on your approach to help. I am generally not easy to impress, but when I meet people who are knowledgeable and know their “stuff” at their fingertips, to the extent that I felt you do, I was fascinated. You have at the same time a professional charisma, but also a completely down-to-earth attitude that makes you super comfortable to communicate with. You are stored in my private directory and should I use your skills another good time, I will allow myself to contact you again.»

Henrik Pedersen, IT-Facilitator at TopIT.

«I met Ramón in Madrid, in a conference where he was the main speaker. He presented an outstanding platform to create applications and, at the same time, to respect the data protection regulation. One of the most remarkable points its that he doesn’t only have a huge experience as a programmer and developer, but a comprehensive and good knowledge regarding the legal aspects of the issue. If you are looking for a synergy between a tech profile but with good understanding of the legal side, Ramón is the person to reach.»

Santiago Chamat, Attorney at Chamat Abogados & DPO at Auditech.

«Ramón is a highly skilled and gifted architect and developer and has is very analytical and structured way of working within a project. His social skills are high, and he is good at working both independently and in a team. Each week we received a status mail where he reported on the progress and the impediments of the project. I can give my highest recommendations for Ramón and would love having the pleasure of working with him again.»

Kim Bjørn Tiedemann, CTO at Schultz.

«Ramón is an excellent colleague, and he managed to take his technical visions and ideas on how to execute software projects from theory to a real toolbox/method that is superior to that of Delegate’s competitors. In addition to this, Ramón is active in a number of IT communities, and he is externally recognized as one of the best in his field. Finally, he is a team player who always puts the customer first, without compromising on quality or offering “easy solutions that are going to cost later”. He has also always worked very consciously with not “making himself indispensable” on his projects. He has therefore always supported and promoted younger and less experienced colleagues and ensured that they were well anchored at the client and on the projects.»

Kaspar Bøgh Christensen, Director at Nextagenda, a Konica Minolta Company.

# Open Source

We believe in openness and that is why all research projects are released under Open Source licenses. Some are more permissive than others as we are also in the belief that intellectual property (IP) should be respected as well.

# Contact

For further information, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail, see More info in the footer, with inquiries and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

# Privacy

Since the website is made with static HTML, it’s very easy to argue that no end-user actions are tracked as none of these technology artifacts are used:

When contacting us by e-mail, see More info in the footer, we recommend that you use end-to-end encryption in order to ensure that sensitive personal information aren’t made accessible to others. The public key can be found here.

Note: The website is hosted at GitLab. There will be done some logging that we have no possibility to influence.